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The Art of STEM: Exploring Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math through the Art Canada Institu

The Art Canada Institute Education Program is a national resource that offers K-12 teachers thematically driven resources to facilitate the study of a wide range of subjects. Taking Canada’s artists as inspiration, our cross-curricular, art-enriched materials cover a diversity of topics, from Simple Machines and Computer Science to Land Stewardship and Astronomy.

The intersections of art with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics have a long-standing history in the visual practices of some of Canada’s most celebrated artists.

Our resources on Toronto-born artist Michael Snow (b.1928), for instance, highlight some of the ways in which he uses different technologies to create complex images and experiences. As a visual artist, experimental filmmaker, and musician, Snow has created works grounded in themes of repetition, and used tools or followed instructions to create beauty and complexity - attributes that can be associated with STEM-related subjects like computer science.

In the Michael Snow guide entitled “Learn about the Fundamentals Principles in Computer Science through the Art of Michael Snow”, teachers can expect three core learning activities that focus on helping students build familiarity with specific terminology used in computer science; develop physical connections with the methods that go on within a computer program; and understand how these relate to visual artmaking. Concepts including algorithms, loops, and repetition, and the design of sequential actions are presented in creative and visual ways.

To start exploring our Michael Snow Guide, and to see the myriad ways you can introduce Canadian art into your curriculum, head over to our virtual library where you can access our resources in both English and French, for free:

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