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Get Involved!

STAN members are invited to make the most of their network by contributing to STAN activities:

Join a committee

STAN members can contribute by joining the Conference Planning Committee, Finance Committee, Strategic Communications Committee, Member Engagement Committee or Advocacy Committee.  Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to learn when these committee are seeking new members!

Participate in the next STAN Conference

You can register to attend the Conference, or if you'd like to be a speaker you can Contact us to submit your ideas and suggestions.

Write for the STAN blog, newsletter or submit a photo

STAN publishes four newsletters each year. You can help to raise awareness amongst STAN members by proposing an article or writing one that STAN can share its newsletter or on its website.  We’re also eager to see your activities in action so consider sharing images with us that we can feature on this site.  

Present a webinar

We are currently offering 4 webinars a year, and you could be one of them! This is a great opportunity to share the work you're doing, get people interested in your project or event, and make an impression in the greater STEAM community.

Share resources and information

Increase our collective capacity by flagging a useful resource, conferences or opportunities to the network.  You can do this by emailing website resource suggestions, tagging us (@stan_rsst or #STAN) on Twitter or by sharing with the STAN LinkedIn Group.

Invite others to join STAN

Let your network know about the opportunity to join STAN and help our network grow. Contact us for collaboration guidelines, text, or ideas: one simple way is to add a link to STAN on your website.

Help advocate for the sector

Advocate through your organization for increasing science and technology literacy in Canada, and provide STAN with your suggestions on raising awareness. Are you writing a blog post or article or appearing at a conference? We’re developing resources about science and technology literacy in Canada that will be available to all members in the near future.  Be sure to join so you will have access to these when we publish.

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