Meet the Board of Directors

STAN aims to be represented by a diverse and eclectic group of STEM professionals from across Canada. All Directors are volunteers who are currently working within the industry, with unique ideas and a good understanding of what is required to help network all Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics professionals, in order to promote and translate innovations within Canadian borders and abroad.

Alison Symington, Ph.D.


Alison is the Principal of Strategic Life Science Consulting where she provides strategic expertise in the development of life science solutions to address industry needs, particularly in “omics” technologies. She also develops and evaluates research proposals, business plans and strategic positioning for academia, government and industry operating in the life sciences sector. Alison has also been involved in science literacy initiatives for over 20 years and continues to be an advocate for STEM throughout Canada.

Alison has served on the Board since 2010. 


Frédérique Baron, Ph.D. 


Frédérique is an astrophysicist who is passionate about the search for planets around stars other than the Sun. She has a PhD from the Université de Montréal and now works at the Institute for Research on Exoplanets at the Université de Montréal and the Mont-Mégantic Observatory.

Frédérique joined the STAN Board in 2021.

Leroy Clarke, Ph.D., OCT

Leroy is Founder, President and Executive Director of e-CAMP MENTORing, a Canadian federally registered not-for-profit agency focused on mentoring, training and coaching youth for success. He is also Co-Founding Director and Vice-President of the Centre for Rehabilitation and Health Services (CREHS) Inc, an emerging, cutting-edge global provider of digital solutions in healthcare. Leroy obtained his PhD in Science and Technology Education with a focus on mentoring from the University of Toronto. Leroy is an educator, community and intergenerational advocate especially for underrepresented groups for over 30 years. Through education, mentoring and coaching, Dr. Clarke has a passionate goal to see a sustainable, equitable and inclusive Canadian STEM Trades and Professions Pipeline. He is convinced that investing in our youth is investing in the future of our local and global communities.

Leroy has served on the Board since 2021.

Sandra Corbeil

Sandra Corbeil is the Director Strategic Partnerships and Networks for Ingenium - Canada's Museums of Science and Innovation. She has more than 25 years working as an education, communication, and outreach leader. She is known for her strategic thinking and creativity.

Sandra has served on the Board since 2013.


Isabel Deslauriers

Isabel Deslauriers is the Director, Youth and volunteer engagement, at Let’s Talk Science. She oversees volunteered-delivered programming including the Let’s Talk Science Outreach program and professional development for the post-secondary STEM students who volunteer through it. Working with volunteers inspire her and she is passionate about making sure that all Canadian audiences are served by science outreach.

Isabel joined the STAN Board in 2019.



Greg Dick STAN
Greg Dick

Greg is the Executive Director of Advancement and Senior Director of Public Engagement at Perimeter Institute. He has more than 25 years experience leading change around the globe; key to his success is building relationships that fuel ambitious partnerships. Greg leads an incredible team with a long track record of success; this includes a global education advocacy network spanning more than 125 countries and to philanthropic partnerships that drive foundational science. His work at Perimeter drives engagement with passionate, like-minded individuals and organizations from around the globe, committed to helping tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges. Foundational science discoveries, shared, amplified and applied to these challenges by talented, ambitious people, organizations, and governments have and will continue to shape humanity. Perimeter Institute is a catalyst, purpose-built to take on critical questions, accelerate breakthroughs, and lead this global ecosystem.

Greg has served on the Board since 2014.


Sandy Eix


Sandy Eix has been inventing exhibits, programs, and shows at Science World for more than 20 years. Her job lets her play with all sorts of science and share her discoveries with kids of all ages. Some highlights so far include developing exhibitions; running summer camp for teachers; creating resources for preschoolers; training science centre professionals in Turkey; and opening Science World’s brand-new Tinkering Space.

Sandy joined the STAN Board in 2019.



Caitlin Quarrington 


Caitlin is an educator, researcher, and science communicator with 15+ years of experience in STEM education and outreach. As the Senior Manager of Education for Actua, she leads a national teacher training program infusing experiential learning into K-12 classrooms and professional development. Caitlin has built meaningful partnerships with policy, higher education and industry to launch impactful programs, driving increased diversity in STEM and advancing teaching and learning across Canada.

Caitlin has served on the Board since 2020.

Josephine Tsang, Ph.D., P.Chem.

As the Community Engagement Specialist- Energy Sustainability at TELUS Spark (the Calgary Science Centre Society), Josephine leads public programming and partnership development for the Energy Transitions project. She is a proactive influencer and innovator, continuously striving to build relationships between private enterprise, communities, and governments, ultimately strengthening Canada’s science and technology culture. With more than 15 years of experience in the chemical and environmental sciences industries, Josephine is determined to show the public that STEAM is for everyone.

Josephine has served on the Board since 2019.



Tracy Walker


Tracy is the Education Programs Lead at the Canadian Light Source, Canada's only synchrotron research facility. The education team focuses on building bridges between science research and science education and is working on understanding how Indigenous ways of knowing and western science processes can work together. She has been involved in education with pre-kindergarten learners and has classroom experience at the elementary, high school, and university levels in addition to the informal science education programs at CLS. Her passion for experiential transformative learning was the subject of research in achieving a Master’s of Education degree.

Tracy has served on the Board since 2020.