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  • Lindsay P. Mann

Membership Directory is LIVE!

The Membership Directory is now live and accessible to all members!

(Not available to the public)

For the past year, STAN has been working on refining our database in order to bring you this wonderful new tool. During the summer months, a representative of STAN emailed you to give you a heads-up about this project and guide you through updating your profile.

Our goals for refining and launching the directory are fairly simple:

  1. We’d like to gather data on STEAM activities taking place across our country

  2. We want to encourage networking and collaboration

The first goal is part of a longer-term project that will see STAN supporting advocacy for Science Literacy across Canada, supporting public engagement, and providing our members with raw data through custom reports on request. This is something that will take some time to distill into a very strong tool, but it is already available to you. STAN is safeguarding your information and privacy; reports will only ever be generated by STAN and shared with you. It will never contain contact information, rather it will reflect the work our members are undertaking.

Beta Testing

The second goal, the Membership Directory, is now live for beta-testing. This means we’re still tweaking things in the background, so if you have feedback, please share it with the coordinator and we’ll look into fixing the issue.

You can now log in to the Member’s Lounge to access the Membership Directory. From there, you will see a number of options for searching for your peers across Canada! If you are looking to collaborate with someone in anot

and scan through the results. From there, you will have access to whatever information the individual or organisation has elected to make available.

We hope this will be a great way to keep you all connected and working together to promote collaboration, science literacy, public engagement, and professional development.

How to Use the Directory:

If you are curious about what your profile looks like, and what information is being shared, you should log into your membership account and take a look. You have the option of sharing as much or as little as you like! You can even opt-out of the directory entirely.

Full control over your information is simple; to change your settings, follow these steps:

  • Log into your Membership Account: this should open your profile directly, but if it does not, find the profile icon and click the View Profile link.

  • From here, you can edit your profile, and update those new fields.

  • While still editing, click on Privacy; here you can select whether or not to show your profile to others, and which information will be made public. Include as much, or as little, as you are comfortable with. Remember, the goal is to enable networking and collaboration so we recommend you include at least one way for fellow members to reach you.

  • You can view exactly what will be made public by clicking on the “My directory profile” link next to the Edit Profile button.

Feel free to play around with the settings and then checking your Public Profile to see how everything will appear. For example, if you are an organisational member, you can choose not to have your personal name show up, or if you’re an individual perhaps you don’t want to share your phone number.

By default, the following information will appear in the directory (but you can elect to remove them):

First and Last Name


Professional Title





Languages Spoken

Description of Your Work



You can also choose to add:


Phone Number

Full Address

Social Media Links

Preferred Pronoun

If you do not publish your email address, the directory’s internal messaging system will allow members to send you an email without having your address. Note: if you reply, then they will have your email address, but you absolutely have the option of ignoring it. We are also curious about how frequently these ‘internal’ messages go to spam, so if you see one in your spam folder, we’d love to know!

We encourage you to take a closer look at your profile, and perhaps test the system with a colleague. We are confident that with your help and feedback, this will prove to be a fantastic tool.

If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns please send me a note!

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