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Soapbox Science Has Made Its Way to Canada’s Capital

If you’re planning on visiting the ByWard Market on September 14, 2019, you may find yourself immersed in a world of science, as 12 female researchers take science to the streets of Ottawa. The first Soapbox Science event held in Ottawa will showcase the incredible work done by local scientists in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM). The event will take place from 1p.m.-4p.m. at 55 ByWard Market Square on Saturday, September 14 and is free and open to the public.

Soapbox Science provides an opportunity for adults, teens and children alike, to meet prominent female leaders in STEMM and become inspired by their success. This event is part of an international initiative by Soapbox Science, which aims to bring science to the people and challenge gender stereotypes in science careers.

The event will transform the ByWard Market into an arena for learning and scientific debate. Not only does this introduce the public to the fascinating research being conducted by these female leaders, but it shows young people what they are capable of accomplishing in science and as a result, it opens a door full of exciting career paths.

Soapbox Science empowers young people, specifically girls and women, to pursue their dreams, much like our 12 amazing speakers:

  • Annabel Chung, Coordinator/Office Environmental Programs, Environment and Climate Change Canada

  • Cat Czyrnyj, PhD Candidate in Biomedical Engineering, University of Ottawa

  • Dr. F. Handan Tezel, Full Professor, Chemical Engineering, University of Ottawa

  • Dr. Ksenia Dolgaleva, Assistant Professor, Canada Research Chair in Integrated Photonics, Natural Sciences and Engineering, University of Ottawa

  • Isabel Rojas-Ferrer, PhD Candidate, Cognitive Ecology, University of Ottawa

  • Dr. Katey Rayner, Associate Professor and Principal Investigator, University of Ottawa Heart Institute

  • Hannah Davis, PhD Student, Insect Cold Physiology, Carleton University

  • Dr. Odette Laneuville, Associate Professor and Director of the Biomedical Sciences Program, University of Ottawa

  • Kiza Sauvé, Director of Health Science and Environmental Compliance, Nuclear Safety Commission

  • Dr. Delphine Gourdon, Associate Professor of Biophysics, University of Ottawa

  • Dr. Jaclyn Brusso, Associate Professor, Materials Chemistry, University of Ottawa

  • Irem Bor-Yaliniz, PhD Candidate and Senior Research Engineer, Carleton University/ Huawei Canada Research Center

Soapbox Science Ottawa is being organized by a group of students and professors from the University of Ottawa stemming from three faculties: Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Education and Faculty of Science. These individuals have joined forces in the hopes of sparking an interest in students who might not have prioritized STEMM as a potential area of study.

Soapbox Science is sponsored by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, the NSERC - Pratt & Whitney Chair for Women in Science and Engineering – Ontario Region, the Science Students’ Association at the University of Ottawa and Le génie au service des femmes : Rethinking the Faces and Spaces of Engineering.

For more information about Soapbox Science, visit or follow @SoapboxOTT on Twitter.

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