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The Power in Possibilities: Techsploration launches online video series promoting women in STEM

In such a digital-age, video is a major source of information and particularly important for youth who live in rural regions who may not have access to visible female role models in their community. Based on this knowledge, Techsploration, a Nova Scotia-based not-for-profit and member of STAN, developed a new online video series to highlight inspiring women succeeding in STEM and skilled-trades related fields.

Launched in February (on the International Day for Women and Girls in Science), the Power in Possibilities series aims to inspire interest and promote exciting career opportunities to young women in grades 9 through 12. A career exploration resource for teachers and parents as well, the series focuses on providing influence and role models to help foster change from within. Currently, the Power in Possibilities series includes two videos – each highlighting an aspirational role model in her field of work. The first video features Marianne Stanford, PhD, Vice President of Research at IMV Inc., who is working on new ways to harness the human immune system to treat ovarian cancer; the second features Dr. Mita Dasog, a chemist at Dalhousie University, who is developing ways to store solar energy in chemical bonds using water. The third video in the series is set to launch on Earth Day (April 22nd) and features Kristal Ambrose, founder of The Bahamas Plastics Movement, who is working on marine management and reducing plastic pollution in the Caribbean.

Building on Techsploration’s tremendously successful first video series, Women in Action, the organization hopes to expand this series over the next year. Because Techsploration has become such a popular program for students and teachers (there is currently a waitlist for participating schools), this new video series enables Techsploration to expand beyond its in-person programming and reach youth who may not have access to female role models in their region.

While the goal of the series is to ultimately contribute to a higher number of females participating in these careers, the videos will also help uproot the cultural norms that continue to limit girls in Canada. Although the videos focus on women, young men will also find them to be a great career resource and will be positively impacted by seeing real women excel in careers in these fields.

Be sure to check out the video series on Techsploration’s YouTube channel! For more information on Techsploration, please visit

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