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  • Sandra Corbeil

Science as a Human Right

STAN members know the value of science in society; evidence-based knowledge and decisions permeate our world and our work. By tapping into STEAM events, you can bring new perspectives to your work and play a bigger role in disseminating science throughout your communities.

Do you have a favourite event that you participate in to raise awareness of STEM? Maybe you should add one this November — the International Science Centre and Science Museum Day (or ISCSD)! Rolls right off the tongue, right? Okay, perhaps not. Many STAN members are not strictly science centres or science museums so they may not think of this day as theirs but I say Why not?

November 10 2018 – International Science Centre and Science Museum Day

Science as a Human Right

I’m proposing that STAN members take a look at the message of ISCSMD and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) proposed by UNESCO. So many STAN member activities actually tie into this, and the SDGs give them context in a broader plan for a sustainable world.

Affordable and Clean Energy (SDG 7), Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (SDG 9); Climate Action (SDG 13); Life Below Water and Life on Land (SDGs 14 and 15); Zero Hunger (food security and agriculture, SDG2); Good Health and Well Being, and Clean Water and Sanitation (SDGs 3 and 6) are all science-based goals. The innovations being applied to challenges faced in achieving sustainability all come from a STEAM approach – that is the intersection of science, technology, engineering and math with creativity and innovation (arts). Even more than STEAM, we must be inclusive by recognizing and incorporating the knowledge of all. That’s where I see SDG17 being so vital.

Naturally, SDG 4 –Quality Education– must include a solid base of science. Not only is a scientifically literate society important in guiding voters and governments to support evidence-based policy, but tomorrow’s jobs will also tie into STEM more than ever before.

So, if you want to be a part of ISCSMD here is a quick primer:

  • ISCSMD is November 10 annually

  • Each year there is a focus – this year it’s “Science as a Human Right”

  • You can find resources and info here:

  • Hashtags are #ScienceDay and #ISCSMD

Whether you jump on the ISCMD bandwagon or not, the SDGs represent a framework to help contextualize the value of STEM and the importance of the work that you do. The future, our future, needs science.

Happy ISCSMD Day Everyone!

If you are doing anything to observe ISCSMD let us know and we’ll be sure to tag you in our social media for the day.


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