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  • Jesse Hildebrand

Science Literacy Week

Science Literacy Week is coming back for a fifth year, and it’s set to be bigger and better than ever! This year, event organizer NSERC partnered with the Canadian Space Agency to make the week space-themed, building excitement for the upcoming mission of David Saint Jacques. Partners took up the challenge in a big way; all across the country there will be star parties, astronomy talks, crater making demos and more.

There are more than 700 events happening coast to coast, put on by 200+ partners in 10

0 communities. As always, libraries are leading the charge, having become community hubs in sharing outstanding science programming with quite literally everyone. Bar science nights are very popular — why not have a pint while you learn?

Of course books are taking centre stage! We at NSERC have radically increased the list of recommended books on our site, including more picks by Indigo alongside Indigenous Science titles and a selection from our friends at the CSA so you can read the same books that inspired astronauts. On September 20, we’re having our second “National Science Reading Day” where you’re encouraged to pick up a book and read something amazing!

More than anything, the week is an effort to build relationships and partnerships among Canada’s science groups and to get them working together to reach a wider audience. Whether it’s getting government scientists out in the public eye, sharing amazing programs with places that wouldn’t normally host them, or helping complimentary organizations work together, Sci Lit Week is making a lot possible.

So this year, take part! Attend an event or, if you can’t, see what’s happening and join in the celebration by sharing your favourite book or some neat science info with the hashtag #scilit. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

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